E-publishing: the next step (03/17)

Discover here our presentation on e-publications and how they can fit in and expand your communication work.  

EU Energy app (10/16)

Started working on a major app , offering all facts and figures for EU energy policy: stats, maps, comparing countries. Soon in your nearest app store!  

COP21 Climate Conference (09/15-ongoing)

The upcoming Climate Conference in Paris in November brings together -for the 21st time- all global players working on climate change. Hopes are that this time might be the one leading to much-needed, binding and far-reaching agreements. Several assignments for print and web in the runup to this major event. 

Vision on an organic Europe (04/15)

Work started on IFOAM EU's Vision publication, offering an overview of the current debate on the future of organic food and farming in Europe.

CSR Congress tools (03/15)

Great variety of publications and identity tools in the making for a CSR congress in November: Enterprise 2020 or how to boost growth and job creation?


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75/11, Rue Cervantes
Cervantesstraat 75/11
B-1190 Brussels

Tel. (general) +32 (0)2 343 81 19
Christoph Ennekens (EN, NL, DE, ES) Tel. +32 (0)476 85 49 29
Emmanuel Maes (EN, FR, NL) Tel. +32 (0)475 36 57 01

About us

Christoph Ennekens
Christoph Ennekens

Account manager/Founder

Graduated as a Master in Political Sciences/International Relations at the University of Antwerp.

Christoph worked for 3 years as a junior editor for a Brussels based publishing company, active in the field of the institutional publications. After that he worked as a freelance editor and copywriter on a great number of projects, both for Belgian as for international clients. This experience allows him to translate content into form and form into content, with a keen eye for budgets and timing.

Within fuel. he is responsible for client relations and project coordination.

His mother-tongue is Dutch and he speaks fluently English and French. He has a good working knowledge of Spanish and German.

He has a wide array of interests ranging from travel to literature. He is an active member of several non-profit organisations.

Christoph Ennekens
Christoph Ennekens

Account manager/Founder

Editing background, proficiency in languages (En/Fr/Nl/Es/De).

Main client contact, general coordination, workfow supervision.

Emmanuel Maes
Emmanuel Maes

Graphic designer/Founder

Solid graphical experience, both corporate and institutional.

Graphical concepts, visual identities, typography, creator of look & feel.


Depending on the volume of work and the kind of assignment, we work with various freelance layouters and designers, each with their specific competence and experience: text layouters, logo designers, template builders, illustrators, webdesigners...