E-publishing: the next step (03/17)

Discover here our presentation on e-publications and how they can fit in and expand your communication work.  

EU Energy app (10/16)

Started working on a major app , offering all facts and figures for EU energy policy: stats, maps, comparing countries. Soon in your nearest app store!  

COP21 Climate Conference (09/15-ongoing)

The upcoming Climate Conference in Paris in November brings together -for the 21st time- all global players working on climate change. Hopes are that this time might be the one leading to much-needed, binding and far-reaching agreements. Several assignments for print and web in the runup to this major event. 

Vision on an organic Europe (04/15)

Work started on IFOAM EU's Vision publication, offering an overview of the current debate on the future of organic food and farming in Europe.

CSR Congress tools (03/15)

Great variety of publications and identity tools in the making for a CSR congress in November: Enterprise 2020 or how to boost growth and job creation?


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75/11, Rue Cervantes
Cervantesstraat 75/11
B-1190 Brussels

Tel. (general) +32 (0)2 343 81 19
Christoph Ennekens (EN, NL, DE, ES) Tel. +32 (0)476 85 49 29
Emmanuel Maes (EN, FR, NL) Tel. +32 (0)475 36 57 01

About us

Emmanuel Maes
Emmanuel Maes

Graphic designer/Founder

Graduated as a graphic designer at the Brussels Institut Saint-Luc, Ecole Supérieure des Arts.

Emmanuel has worked as a freelancer for several corporate design agencies in Brussels and has acquired a thorough understanding of graphical arts and institutional communication. Having worked for a wide range of international associations you have certainly come across his work: visual identities, annual reports, brochures, stands, advertisements and so on.

This professional background makes him the right man to combine creativity with punctuality and professionalism. Emmanuels' mother-tongue is French and English is his second language.

His passion for design is limitless and covers such distinct areas as architecture, fashion, interior design, title design (credit titles), photography and video.

Within fuel. he is the lead graphic designer and art director.

Christoph Ennekens
Christoph Ennekens

Account manager/Founder

Editing background, proficiency in languages (En/Fr/Nl/Es/De).

Main client contact, general coordination, workfow supervision.

Emmanuel Maes
Emmanuel Maes

Graphic designer/Founder

Solid graphical experience, both corporate and institutional.

Graphical concepts, visual identities, typography, creator of look & feel.


Depending on the volume of work and the kind of assignment, we work with various freelance layouters and designers, each with their specific competence and experience: text layouters, logo designers, template builders, illustrators, webdesigners...